To revolutionise the business of vehicle tracking and transport fleet management system. Provide a combination of superior technology, professional and fanatical service level that will produce tangible returns to our custom

Your vehicle is tracked 24/7 anywhere you are









is a Nigerian Based Company dedicated to provide advanced information technology in the area of Fleet management and Vehicle Tracking / Recovery.

We track and recover stolen vehicles for both individual owners and corporate organization in the logistics sector, Oil & Gas, Banks, and Multinational etc.

We deploy a superior and innovative technology in vehicle tracking and fleet management across the country.

Whether it is Fleet management or Car track option you chose, we will provide you with service and asset protection second to none in the nation.

We provide you prompt and effective service when you need it most


The Solution


Solutions purchased from GAP Nigeria enables the user to monitor and manage remote stationary and/or moving assets. Continuous R&D ensures cutting-edge technology, but also the ability to supply customers with custom-made solutions.


  • Detailed Reports
  • Replay of history data
  • Street level mapping
  • Safe and Unsafe Zones
  • Status driven
  • Warning Box on alerts
  • MAIL Forwarding to designated E-mail address

  • Enables a user or fleet manager to see a live snapshot of an entire fleet's location.
  • Almost real time information enables a fleet manager to make informed decisions.
  • Knowing they are monitored, enhance employee productivity.
  • Schedule offloading or arrivals, manage trips & employees, minimise vehicle down-time.
  • Minimise misuse e.g excessive idling, over speeding, unauthorised trips and stoppages ...
  • Emergency communication with vehicle in remote areas.
  • Extract reliable logbooks, engine hours, employee hours, etc.
  • Reports on all activities (status, distance, speed, etc.).
  • Replay on vehicle movement.
  • Farming: Plot exact locations of lands, calculate expenses and/or yield per area, monitor
    irrigation equipment remotely, etc.


  • Courier Services
  • Delivery Services
  • Transport
  • Cash in Transit
  • Private Vehicles
  • Company Fleets
  • Emergency Services
  • Service Vehicles
  • Human Movement
  • VIP Tracking
  • Mining Machinery & Equipment
  • Farming equipment & vehicles (including yield monitoring)


  • E-DRIVETECH,Israel
  • MTN Nigeria

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